About Silence the Voice

A Sonic Story

Winner of Arizona Metal Awards 2017 for Best New Artist, Silence the Voice is an intense and lyrically powerful band. Their message weaves perfectly through the brutal landscape of their metalcore hearts; delivering the destruction in a modern metal/punk feel that's edgy and powerful, yet thoughtful and fresh. The tracks "My Inheritance" and "Dark Heart" stand out with technical power and sonic mastery. Gabe Green's vocals are a mixture of power and passion as he delivers the message. Grinding you into dust with relentless dangerous riffs are guitarists Marc Augustine and Mario Gaspar. Danny Murphy delivers the bottom end on bass guitar, driving the signature feel. Recker with the absolute power of drums have the beat throbbing in your head. Every breakdown in the songs are melt-your-face epic. They carve a hole in your head "till all that's left of you is nothing more than destruction!" The band is living their lives through their music; Their message is simple; keep pushing foward in life. Persevere; even in the face of a seemingly endless battle; and in the end, it will be worth every step. - Morgan Toutant

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